The Relationship Between Negativity and Your Immune System

Did you know negativity can effect your immune system? Some people think negativity is just a mindset, but what people don’t realize is that your mind has a direct affect on your body, and this is backed by science. 

There’s a reasonable explanation for the correlation between negative emotions and the immune system. In times of stress and negativity, your brain releases cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. Cortisol can positively and negatively affects your immune system depending on the amount. Naturally, you have a well-balanced immune system containing type 1 cells that handle threats and type 2 cells that control extracellular risks. However, too much cortisol disrupts that balance and tips it towards type 2 cells.

There are more than just negativity and stress that can create an imbalance of cortisol, but creating a more positive and stress-free lifestyle can literally limit your risk of getting sick! 


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