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How much time do you spend online on social media? 

In 2019, the Philippines topped a global list of the social media use per country. According to a report from We Are Social and Hootsuite, the time we Filipinos spend online daily soared from 9 hours and 29 minutes in 2018 to 10 hours and 2 minutes in 2019–the highest in the world. Can you imagine that? 

Cyst, an average of 9 hours a day! Kaka-peysbuk mo ‘yan! 

If a Filipino on the average spends 9 hours a day on social media, imagine what more we can do, other than posting selfies or reacting to your crushes’ posts?! Why not bring our internet use to the next level?

Knowledge at your fingertips! 

Learning can be hard when you’re stuck at home, but thankfully, several local resources have been made available online to help you survive stay-at-home notices and lockdowns!

One of these resources is the Department of Education’s DepEd Commons which can be accessed on commons.deped.gov.ph.

DepEd Commons is an online learning platform developed by the education department for students who are forced to stay at home. Learners and teachers can access DepEd Commons for free using their Globe or TM-powered smartphones. It contains online review materials and Open Educational Resources (OER) created by public school teachers who are experts in their respective subject matters. And with its flexibility, teachers can retain, reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute the content depending on what suits their students best. 

Just recently, a module on cybersecurity was added to the growing topic list of DepEd Commons. According to a Rappler report, the cyber safety module will teach students about cyberbullying and how dangerous activities online can create real-life harm. 

There’s more….

If you feel like DepEd Commons is not fit for you (since kuya or ate ka na), then there are TESDA online courses which you can enrol in.

TESDA online courses were developed by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority to make technical education more accessible to Filipinos through the use of information and communication technologies. 

TESDA is offering 68 short courses online for those who wish to learn a new craft or need to advance their technical skills in food production, agriculture, technology, and other industries.

Maybe it’s high time for you to achieve that dream of being a patissier or chef, through courses like bread production, cookery, and hot and cold meals preparation

You can also enrol in agricultural courses like fruit growing and vegetable gardening; automotive courses such as diesel engine tune-up and battery servicing; and electronics courses like computer system servicing.

And once you’ve completed a short course, you’ll be given a certificate of completion. 

In an interview with CNN Philippines, TESDA Director General Secretary Isidro Lapeña said that there are some 152,000 enrollees in the TESDA Online Program.

You can learn more about the TESDA online program through this link

Once you’ve found yourself totally hooked on online courses, you can take your interest to the next level. Several academic institutions have been offering online classes for those who want to earn a college degree through distance learning! We’ve compiled a list for you. Check them here

Want to learn more on how online learning works? Edukasyon.ph has a lot on this. All you have to do is visit Edukasyon.ph now!

Written By: Neil Austria

Source: https://portal.edukasyon.ph/blog/learning-through-deped-commons-and-tesda-online-courses

Photo: https://images.app.goo.gl/TAdhwV1Z6ygZpzYy8

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